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ECA Announcement for Members of the Communication Administration Interest Group

Dear Communication Administration Interest Group Members:

I hope you are looking forward to ECA 2023.  Jennifer Waldeck is preparing an excellent convention for us all in Baltimore.  I wanted to reach out to you specifically for two reasons.  First, it is my understanding that here may be some confusion about the status of this Communication Administration Interest Group.  Unfortunately, the group has had low attendance at its business meetings and has experienced low engagement from its members for several years.  Yet, the group is still an active ECA interest group at this time. I encourage you to take time at your business meeting in Baltimore to engage with other group members and discuss what kind of future you would like for this group and its members and please let the ECA leadership know your ideas for how Communication Administrators could best be served by ECA.

Second, I wanted to tell you about some exciting things in store for Communication Administrators at ECA 2023.  In addition to panels planned by your unit planner, there will also be a new event.  In Baltimore at ECA 2023, administrators are invited to attend a luncheon sponsored by ECA and the Communication Administration Interest Group.  The focus will be networking and table talks focusing on key issues administrators face--including hiring, tenure and promotion, managing diversity and inclusion issues, shaping and managing unit culture, and others.  The goal is for chairs, directors, program coordinators, associate deans, deans, provosts, and others to network, exchange strategies for dealing with difficulties, to share experiences, and provide advice.  Please look for this luncheon on the ECA 2023 schedule when it is released!



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