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ECA 2021 Convention - Interpersonal Communication Interest Group Important Reminders

Hello Interpersonal Communication Interest Group members! 

It's convention week! I have included 3 important notes/reminders below: 

1. Please make sure you are registered for the convention and that you set up your Pathable profile. You will need to do both of these to present and attend the sessions. Please plan your schedule so you don't miss any exciting and important sessions :)

2. Earlier today you should have received an email with a link to the recorded Pathable trainer session. I found this to be very helpful, so please try to watch the video. I'm including the link here for your convenience: Passcode: !1Y%Dt2Z

3. For our business meeting (Friday, 4:30-5:15pm), Click below for the meeting agenda and minutes from last year. Please note that we have ONE election to conduct, for Vice Chair, who will plan and preside over the 2023 convention. I am also soliciting nominations for paper readers, panel chairs, and panel respondents. 

ECA IP Meeting Agenda 2021

ECA IP Virtual Meeting Minutes 2020

I am accepting nominations at this time (via email: for Vice Chair, paper readers, panel chairs, and panel respondents. Readers, chairs, and respondents are accepted on a volunteer basis (and I encourage you to volunteer!), and we will vote for the Vice Chair during our meeting. I will accept nominations now and during our meeting on Friday, up until the time voting occurs. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone this week! 

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