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ECA 2019 Convention - ComTech Division Members

Greetings ComTech Division Members,

For those of you who have submitted papers and have received acceptance notices, please take some time to look at the draft schedule that was released on the 18th. This will help us catch any discrepancies or issues that at this time we might resolve. If you are the chair or organizer of a panel, please be sure to notify all of your panelists.

Please click HERE to view a draft schedule of all panels and papers sponsored and cosponsored by our division. Take some time to look it over and plan to attend those panels we have sponsored. I would also encourage you to take special note of our cosponsored panels since we have some interesting intersections this year. Please note that some changes may be made in the coming months before the program schedule is finalized.

Best regards,

Joel Ward

Division Chair
Communication and Technology Division
Eastern Communication Association

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