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ECA Announces the Richard Vatz Award!

Dear Members,

ECA is pleased to announce a new award, generously funded by longtime member, Dr. Richard Vatz. The “Richard E. Vatz Agenda-Spin Persuasion Award” supports writing and/or media work and pedagogy focused on the rhetor-as-creative-agent, and work focusing on rhetor-as-creative-agent and the rhetor’s responsibility in a persuasion model.

This significant award of $2,000, disbursed annually, is to be based on the rhetorical perspective argued in Dr. Vatz’s “The Myth of the Rhetorical Situation” and The Only Authentic Book of Persuasion: The Agenda-Spin Model (McGraw-Hill, 2017).

A committee of persuasion scholars will review the nominations. For more information about nomination requirements and deadlines, please visit ECA’s awards page at  

ECA cannot thank Dr. Vatz enough for his generous support of our association and its members.  


 Cheryl Casey Signature

Cheryl Casey, PhD

ECA Executive Director

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