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Business Meeting Minutes – April 26, 2013

Political Communication Interest Group
Eastern Communication Association
Business Meeting Minutes – April 26, 2013
Pittsburgh, PA

The meeting was called to order by current chair and program planner Jason Edwards.

1. Jason Edwards distributed minutes from the 2012 meeting and a contact sheet for paper reviewers and panel respondents the 2013 meeting. The minutes were approved by acclamation.

*Incoming 1st Vice-President Thomas Flynn made a brief presentation about 2014 in Providence.

* Incoming President Danette Johnson offered a welcome to Pittsburgh.

* A brief discussion about IG members not present ensued.

** Thanks and appreciation were extended to Kanan Sawyer for her service to the IG and congratulations on her election to 2nd VP.   Huzzah!

2. Jason Edwards reviewed the 2013 program and submissions.

            a. The division was allocated 10 panels for the 2013 program.

            b. Jason provided details on submissions and paneling. 14 papers and 6 panels were submitted; 11 of the papers and all 6 panels were accepted. This represents a decline in submissions and there was some discussion about how to encourage more paper and panel submissions. Our IG membership numbers are stable but submissions are still down. Comments included making more efforts to co-sponsor panels and identifying and recruiting future submissions from authors of papers presented outside PolComm that would ‘fit’ within PolComm. A suggestion was made to contact the Rhode Island area schools and encourage participation in 2014.

3. Jason Edwards opened a discussion of the Wine & Spots annual event.

Kanan Sawyer provided background on funding conflicts and control issues.   W&S currently has a separate fund (non-ECA) which should remain separate, as it is external donation specifically for W&S.   Management of those funds was discussed and a motion was made to continue the separate checking account practice. The motion was passed by acclamation.          

4. Elections were held for a new Secretary to plan W&S in 2014 and do program planning for 2016. Ted Scheckels was elected Secretary and will chair in 2016.

5. Incoming Chair Janis Edwards presented an idea of ‘swag’ for the 2014 IG business meeting to encourage participation and attendance.

6. Lisa Gring-Pemble presented Executive Council updates.

a. We have 95 members as of this conference. 
b. Site selection for 2016 is ongoing due to problems with Hartford hotels.
c. There is a new Social Media Director for ECA. The ECA logo and FB page will be redesigned, and the ECA archive moved to Ball State. 
d. We will need new Executive Council representation in 2014.

7. Jason Edwards opened comments on the 2014 theme, “Communities of Dissent”. Suggestions for panels were offered, including:

Boston Marathon
2016 Campaign (positioning candidates rhetorically)
Contemporary Dissent / Current Issues
Third Parties and Dissent
International Dissent – Arab Spring, Syria *Potential co-sponsor with Peace & Conflict
Pedagogy of Political Communication
Political Satire
Off Year Elections
The Political Middle

8. Jason Edwards passed the chair to Janis Edwards for 2014.   The meeting was adjourned and members encourage to attend Wine and Spots later.

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