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ECA Philosophy of Communication Interest Group

Dear Philosophy of Communication Interest Group Members,  

As you know, the business meeting this year took place prior to our Executive Council meeting. 

Therefore, this email includes information to note from the meeting.  

The hope is that members will be thinking through post pandemic considerations for the future. Membership in ECA is declining generally, but some groups are struggling with filling leadership roles.  The Intercultural Communication group is having a particularly difficult time with this. Meeting in-person was generally agreed upon as imperative for future success.  Financially, the executive committee is considering taking more investment risks to increase our budget.   

The tentative line up for future conventions is: 

2023 Baltimore
2024 Cambridge  
2025 Buffalo  
2026 Unsure  
2027 Unsure 

If you have a conference site suggestion, you are asked to reach out to the executive committee.  

A significant discussion surrounding the role of ECA to make statements about current events, such as the Ukraine Crisis.  There are about 8-10 members a month that ask ECA to make official statements.  There was no decision ultimately.

Finally, if you are interested in service opportunities, Communication Quarterly editor Zach Johnson is seeking reviewers.  Please email him if you are interested in serving as a reviewer at   

Thank you,  

Tiffany Petricini, Executive Council Representative for Philosophy of Communication, 2020-2022


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