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ECA Interpersonal Communication Interest Group

Hello Interpersonal Communication Interest Group Members,

The IPC Virtual Business Meeting took place this past Friday (April 1st). Thank you to those who were able to attend!

We received nominations for elections during the meeting and later that day via email. Nominations officially closed for all IPC positions at 11:59PM EST on April 1st. The following individuals were nominated for each of the open positions:

  • Jennifer Owlett (William Paterson University) - Vice-Chair (Planner for IPC for 2024 ECA Convention)
  • Elizabeth Glowacki (Northeastern University) - Secretary (2023 and 2024 ECA Conventions)
  • Mary King (Bloomsburg University) - Interpersonal Representative to the ECA Executive Council (Term begins Sunday of 2023 and ends after Thursday meeting at the ECA 2025 convention)

Since the nominees for all leadership roles were uncontested, these individuals will be serving as our interest group leaders, and no electronic election will be held. Please join me in congratulating Jennifer, Elizabeth, and Mary - we greatly appreciate their service!

Owlett Glowacki Nagy

Safe travels to the convention this week, and please continue to support our interest group members by attending the exciting IPC panels that have been scheduled!

Erin Brummett
IPC Interest Group Chair 

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